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Ismail Havle

Hi, I am Ismail, a Reiki & Reflexology Master and a Healer from London.
I have been a professional in the teachings of Reiki  & Reflexology healing discipline with years of experience.
Soon after I qualified for Reiki Energy Healing, I received Reflexology training to advance my learnings and combining the REIKI, REFLEXOLOGY methods with my own unique formula, I am able to work closely with those in need and achieve greatly.

For several years, I’ve been working on artificial intelligence and machine learning methods for detecting autism spectrum disorders.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning have achieved success in many areas today.

One of these developments; To determine the risk ratio of autism spectrum disorder from face photographs of children aged 2-8 years.

Currently, the risk detection success rate with this method is 85%.

Diagnosing ASD is a complex and expensive process that not every family can experience.

Considering that detecting autism spectrum disorder with other methods is difficult and expensive, the ratio to be obtained from the test results will be an important guide.

I want to emphasize that my goal is not to diagnose Autism Spectrum Disorder. Instead, it is to use the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning to help parents decide whether to take their children to the Autism Spectrum Disorder specialist.

This method is not for diagnostic purposes. It is a method used only to determine the probability of risk in children.

And in the presence of this risk, it is aimed to take early measures and to warn families about whether their children are in the risk group.

In order to support the risk results obtained by artificial intelligence and machine learning methods, question-answer tests and Computer Vision Scanning Classification applications are also performed.

And I am a professional psychic medium based in London and also in Turkey specialising in ancient Turkish coffee reading (tasseography). My authentic one-to-one readings can provide you with insight and guidance on a range of life issues.

I Started to Turkish coffee cup reading in Antioch (Turkey) and with years of experience in clairsentience (sensing), clairvoyance (seeing) and clairaudience (hearing) I specialise in ancient Turkish coffee cup reading as part of tasseography.

In addition to face-to-face readings, I do sessions via Whatsapp, and read coffee cups with e-mail.

Coffee cup reading is done by reading shapes and patterns left by coffee grounds inside the cup. My authentic Turkish coffee readings and face readings can provide you with insight and guidance on a range of life issues such as your life purpose, private life, self-improvement, career and investment options, protection against bad energies, dreams, past lives.

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